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Help 10 families in honor of O.J. and Chanda's 10-year ALS battle

$10,521 raised

$57,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!


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Last year, organizations in Maryland stopped funding in-home respite care and medical equipment. Across the country, ALS-serving organizations provide little or no financial assistance to the families they serve.

Take a moment and consider how your life would change if you, or a loved one, was diagnosed with ALS. Would you be able to purchase new equipment as each stage of the disease left you in need of greater assistance? Could your husband, wife, child, parent or family member stay home with you all day every day as your sole caregiver?

The Brigance Brigade Foundation is one of the only ALS organizations that gives the gift of care to those battling ALS right now – to those just like O.J. and Chanda Brigance.


A Reflection from O.J. Brigance about his 10-year battle against ALS:

"Thanks to the grace of God, loving family and friends, and a great medical team, I have been blessed to live 10 years in the impossible. Not that living with ALS has been easy by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite. It has often been an uphill, frustrating battle. But continual faith, hope and perspective will always outlast the fires of adversity.

I have been fortunate to make meaningful contributions to society post diagnosis because I refuse to believe that hardship eliminates one's purpose. It takes patient perseverance to stay the course when life tries to deliver a fatal blow! Take inventory of the gifts that you still possess and put them to use for the greater good.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the mission of the Brigance Brigade Foundation with your time, talents and finances over the years.

As we look toward the end of our 10-year anniversary year, I have a challenge for all of you: Help us raise $57,000 this 2017 holiday season; enough to support 10 ALS families with 3-months of in-home care.

Please consider making a meaningful contribution right now to help ALS families know that All Things Are Possible Fighting ALS. Thank you." -O.J. Brigance


Small gifts from people like you will purchase for ALS families:

  • In-home respite care
  • Power wheelchairs so those who can no longer walk can continue to be mobile
  • Co-pays for eye gaze communication computers so those who can no longer talk can continue to communicate with their loved ones and the world around them
  • Shower chairs and transfer benches which can be loaned out to other families once no longer needed
  • ALS-related medication

Your donation shows ALS families that though they face a challenging future, there is a community of hope, love, and care that is here to support them. Thank you.

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